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We focus on conversions as much as leads. Despite the time, effort and cost of marketing, companies typically only convert about 1% of the leads they generate. However, by utilizing the proper tools and techniques you can improve bottom line conversions significantly without increasing marketing.

Integrate all of your leads and manage them in a centralized database. You'll know when they were responded to and if converted. System highlights:

  • Set follow-up reminders, track appointments and manage new lead alters
  • Prioritize high quality leads first and focus on leads that need attention
  • Track key performance metrics and easily calculate ROI by lead source

Customer leads are managed with an email response converter. This includes status updates and notes with a history of all correspondence. When the time comes to show the results of your marketing efforts, easily download and send management reports showing response and conversation rates.

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MyCWO brings daily leads from SEO and helps maximize conversion rates saving us hundreds of thousands in marketing dollars that our competition spends on pay-per-click.

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